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Billie Eilish is one of the most distinctive stars in music right now, with her unique voice, clever lyrics and uber-cool style.

But it turns out she has a bit of a doppelganger… who just happens to be dating her brother.

Fans of Billie have been pointing out the similarities between the Bad Guy singer and her brother Finneas’ girlfriend Claudia Suwelski, and now we cannot unsee it.

Finneas, 21, has been dating YouTuber Claudia, 23, since last October, and they both often post loved-up pictures to Instagram.

However, while many fans regularly squeal over how cute they are as a couple, others are more preoccupied with how alike Claudia and Billie, 17 look.

And while Claudia doesn’t really look like Billie when she’s all glammed up, or on her YouTube channel, there are enough incidences of her being her would-be sister-in-law’s doppelganger that people are rather shook.

Source: METRO.