Billie Eilish’s fame has landed her a Justin Bieber collab, a Rainn Wilson, Office-themed trivia experience, and Rolling Stone cover, but it also has downsides. In said Rolling Stonecover, she opened up about a distressing instance in which her home address was leaked online, which resulted in three different fans showing up on her doorstep, and required a bodyguard to sleep in her living room for a week.
“It was really traumatising,” the 17-year-old told the outlet. “I completely don’t feel safe in my house anymore, which sucks. I love my house.”
Eilish’s career began on SoundCloud for years ago, but it was the March release of her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? that paved the way for things like her song “Bad Guy” hanging out on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 17 weeks straight, peaking at #2 back in June. Doing what she loves is great, but the fame is hard, and leaving her friends to go on tour might be even harder.
“It’s annoying,” she continued “I have this amazing thing in front of me, and I don’t want to hate it. And I don’t hate it. But I hate certain parts of it.”
While Eilish said she always loved attention, she now knows she never really knew what fame meant.
“Because if I did want to be famous — it wasn’t this kind,” she said.
So the next time you think about showing up to Billie Eilish’s house, don’t. Just send her an Instagram DM instead.
Source: Refinery29

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