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 September 29th 2019    Interview News Videos     With Comments Off on EXCLUSIVE: Billie Eilish on the Making of ‘All the Good Girls Go to Hell’  Share:

There are a few thing we know about Billie Eilish’s video for “all the good girls go to hell.” We know it’s a metaphor for climate change and global warming, we know it’s massive with over 57 million views, but did we know about the bruises Billie endured to make her latest masterpiece?

“It was really miserable to shoot,” Eilish laughs in the exclusive RADIO.COM interview above. “It was incredibly miserable, for real.”

In fact, much more of it is “for real” than you probably imagined. The wings that Billie wore weighed 70 pounds, and left bruises on the singer as she strived for authenticity. “They were 15 feet long, and with the goo they were so much heavier,” she explains, bemoaning the late, freezing hours of the shoot. “It’s crazy what went into making that video, cause oh my god, why do I do the things I do? It’s insane.

“Basically I had to wear, almost like a corset thing to strap it on,” she says of the wings. “I had these big bruises at the end of the night. For the falling scene I had huge bruises on my hips. Yeah it was me.”

It all means something in the world that Billie has built, “the angel wings turned to bat wings, in a way, devil wings,” she adds, recalling the fire from the video. Also real. “I’m so happy with the way it turned out. Oh my god I could not be happier.”

“I think the main reason why I’m happy with it is because we tried to do as much as we possibly could practically, because I can’t stand vfx, like too many of them. It just makes me so mad,” Eilish explains. “There can be a couple things because you physically can’t get a video of me falling from the actual sky. But, I can still be in that position.”

The fire was real, the wings were real, even the black tar was real. Really warm and really covering Eilish during the shoot.

“You know like the Kid’s Choice Awards, and you know how they put goo on the kids and the slime? It’s made out of that stuff, but it’s just black,” she recalls. “You know what’s funny? It was actually really warm, which was even weirder,” she laughs. “It was actually a really cold night, so it was nice to be in this warm thing of like, black snot.”

Source: Radio.Com

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