Billie Eilish released a powerful short film that addresses body shaming and the sexualization of young women.

On Tuesday (May 26), the 18-year-old pop star released “Not My Responsibility” to overwhelming support from her fans. During her Where Do We Go? World Tour, Eilish debuted a portion of the video that acted as an interlude during her set.

The “everything i wanted” singer begins the video by standing in darkness while wearing her signature oversized clothing. She begins unzipping her hoodie and undressing while speaking about the opinions of others.

Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Would you like me to be quiet?” Eilish questions. “Do my shoulders provoke you? Does my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? The body I was born with, is it not what you wanted?

If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman,” she continues, before sinking into a sea of black liquid. “If I shed layers, I’m a slut. Though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it… and judge me for it. Why make assumptions about people based on their size?

We decide who they are,” she continues. “We decide what they’re worth. If I wear more, if I wear less – who decides what that makes me and what that means? Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility?

Last year, Eilish revealed in an interview with Calvin Klein that she wears her signature baggy clothes to avoid body shaming.

Watch the moving visual, below.

If anyone knows what it takes to make a baggy T-shirt look like a million bucks, it’s Billie Eilish. So it came as no surprise when the five-time Grammy winner announced that she’d be teaming up with popular basics brand UNIQLO for a collection of graphic T-shirts earlier this week.
The selection, which as of today is officially ready to shop, combines Eilish’s flair for neon and symbols like the Blosch with the work of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. And just like the first time the “bad guy” singer worked with Murakami — the artist directed Eilish’s critically acclaimed “you should see me in a crown” video — the result is a work of pure genius.
The 18-piece UT (UNIQLO T-Shirts) features bursts of neon and quirky and colorful graphics — all with an added level of artistry thanks to Murakami’s iconic pop flowers. A new UT-exclusive Billie Eilish logo also makes an appearance throughout the collection. In other words, it’s just the collection of merch that every true Eilish fan’s been waiting for. (Though we’re still hoping for a  Gucci press-on nails collab).
With so much hype surrounding the collection, getting a piece of the prize is going to be tricky — but not impossible. With a two-shirt purchase limit set on all online purchases, there’s still a chance that you’ll be rocking a Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami T-shirt all summer long — as long as you get on it fast.
With that, shop the collection — all of which costs under-$15 — online at now.
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Lady Gaga has revealed how she managed to get Ariana Grande to record their forthcoming duet ‘Rain On Me’.

The track, which comes out tomorrow (May 22), is the second single to be released from Gaga’s new album ‘Chromatica’ which is due out on May 29. Earlier this month, the pair previewed artwork for the collaboration.

Gaga previously brought out comeback single ‘Stupid Love’, in February.

Speaking about her collaboration to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Gaga said: “I think maybe she assumed that it’d be that she came in and I was like, ‘Here, just sing this and thank you so much for your time’. But instead I asked her what she needed, how she wanted to do things.

“And then I remember I said to her, ‘Okay, now everything that you care about while you sing, I want you to forget it and just sing. And by the way, while you’re doing that, I’m going to dance in front of you’, because we had this huge big window. I was like, ‘I’m going to dance in front of you’. And she was like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God, I can’t, I can’t. I don’t know. Oh my God. Okay, okay’. And then I did it and she sang, and she started to do things with her voice that was different. And it was the joy of two artists going, ‘I see you. And I see all the things that we all…’ Humans do this.

“We create things that make us feel comfortable. We put them all around. I do it all the time. We all do things to make ourselves feel safe and I always challenge artists when I work with them. I go, ‘Make it unsafe, make it super fucking unsafe and then do it again’. And it was just awesome to watch her.”

Gaga also hailed Billie Eilish but admitted that she was a “little hurt” by her astronomical success in the last year.

“I love Billie Eilish. I love all these younger artists. I’m there for you. I love you. I am not in competition with anyone. I want everyone to win. I’m support. I remember there was one… I forget what award show. Billie’s won so many awards and there was one night where she just swept a whole bunch of awards. And I said, ‘Send her some flowers’. I wrote her a note and for me it’s healing, because I go, ‘You know what? That hurt me that I didn’t get that, but that’s okay because I’m going to be that for someone else’. And me being that for anyone is also a gift for me.”


Last week AltPress reported that Billie Eilish was granted a restraining order against a fan who repeatedly showed up to her home. Now, according to The SunEilish’s home has been blurred out on Google Street View. 

The move isn’t that out of the ordinary as others such as Paul McCartneyLed Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page and Lily Allen have all been granted similar requests to blur their homes. 

According to TMZ, 24-year old Prenell Rousseau began showing up to the Eilish residence two weeks ago. In total, he trespassed on the property seven times. Billie Eilish and her family were not only worried about Rousseau himself, but also that he could potentially be spreading the coronavirus. He didn’t wear a mask or gloves the majority of the time.

Rousseau allegedly rang the doorbell and Billie Eilish’s father, Patrick O’Connell answered the door through their Ring doorbell. “I think I might have the wrong house, but does Billie Eilish live here,” Rousseau asked. O’Connell told him that he had the wrong house. 

Rousseau allegedly returned at 9 P.M. and exhibited “erratic behavior.” “While we waited for security, Mr. Rousseau remained on our porch, sat down and began to read a book, while also continuing to engage in a periodic monologue,” Eilish said. “My father repeatedly asked him to leave, but he refused.” 

Rousseau returned and laid down behind a wall, as well as tried the doorknob on his own. Rousseau showed up a few more times and eventually, a judge granted a temporary restraining order. It required Rousseau to cease contact with anyone in the Eilish family and stay 200 yards away.

Now, it is being reported that Google has blurred the Los Angeles Eilish residence from street view. It is also blurred on VirtualGlobeTrotting.Com, and a message says: “This map’s location has been removed for privacy concerns.”

Speaking with The Sun, a Google spokesperson said all a person need do is submit a request if they want additional blurring of their face, license plate, car or house. 

“If a person sees that their face or license plate requires additional blurring, or if they would like us to blur their entire house, car, or body, they can submit a request using the ‘Report a problem’ tool.”

“We have developed cutting-edge face and license plate blurring technology that is designed to blur identifiable faces and license plates within Google-contributed imagery in Street View.”

A hearing for the specific Rousseau case is reportedly scheduled for June 1. Please respect the privacy of others. Eilish has recently stated that she’s using the privacy of her own to work on new material. Hopefully we can hear that soon. 


Billie Eilish has taken the music industry by storm and the 18-year-old certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Among her fans are plenty of celebs who love posting pics of their encounters with Billie on social media. However, occasionally, there are those who have bad things to say.

Today, we thought we’d take a look at some of Billie’s famous friends, as the star has quickly assembled quite a few of those. From Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber, anyone who’s someone in the world of the rich and famous wants to be in Billie’s inner circle. While we don’t know how long these friendships will last — after all celebs love beefing with each other — it seems as if Billie is on the right path…everyone is absolutely loving her!

Alright, now here they are — 11 celebs who are actually friends with Billie Eilish!

11 – Let’s Start Off With Billie Eilish And Her Friend, Lana Del Rey

Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey

To kick our list off, we decided to go with Lana Del Rey. Billie, whose rise to fame was incredibly quick, has undeniably been influenced by Lana, and fans were quick to notice that in Billie’s music.

Lana is a huge fan of the young singer and, in an interview published in The New York Times, the singer stated that she loves Billie Eilish. Lana said she had been waiting for someone like Billie to come along and elevate pop music culture.

Above, you can see the two musicians hanging out — and Billie’s brother, Finneas, was also present!

10- It’s No Secret That Billie Is A Huge Fan Of Justin Bieber — And Now They Get To Hang Out

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber

Next on our list is singer, Justin Bieber – true Billie fans probably already know that Billie was a huge Belieber while growing up. Nowadays, the singer gets to hang out with Justin and she even gets professional advice from the star.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Justin even got super-emotional over Billie. He said that he feels very protective of her. We can’t wait to see how their friendship evolves — and we certainly want more collabs from them!

9- Ariana Grande Doesn’t Hide Her Love For Billie

Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande

Let’s move onto another friend of Billie’s — singer, Ariana Grande. We all know that Billie is a huge fan of Ariana. Billie even stated that she thought Ari’s Thank U, Next record deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year — but Ariana definitely thinks that Billie deserved her win in that category.

Above, you can see the two ladies with each other, and honestly, seeing two successful women support each other, instead of bringing each other down, definitely warms our hearts!

8 – And Post Malone Is Yet Another One Of Her Famous Buddies

Billie Eilish and Post Malone

Another famous face that made it onto our list is Post Malone. In the photos above, you can see him hanging out with Billie and honestly — we can totally tell that the two always have a blast with each other. It certainly seems as if Billie managed to make plenty of friends in the industry very quickly, which frankly isn’t that common.

As we already mentioned, competing against each other for the highest position on the charts frequently turns celebs against each other!

7 – Jennifer Lopez And Her Daughter Absolutely Love Billie

Billie Eilish and Jennifer Lopez

Next on our list is singer Jennifer Lopez, who is yet another famous fan of Billie Eilish. As you can tell from the photos above, Jennifer’s daughter, Emme, is also a fan of Billie. Because Emme’s mom is a superstar, Emme got to hang out with Eilish.

Jennifer posted the pics on her social media and it’s certainly clear that she has nothing but love for Billie. Eilish could certainly learn a lot from J-Lo — after all, she’s been a successful musician for almost three decades!

6 – Billie Collaborated With Her Friend Khalid

Billie Eilish and Khalid

Singer, Khalid, is yet another celeb that is close to Billie. As fans already know, the two young stars collaborated on the song, “Lovely”, and, as they are both fairly new to the music industry, they certainly bonded very quickly.

Personally, we love hearing their voices together and we certainly hope that the future holds plenty more collaborations for the two of them. When he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Khalid said that the moment he heard Billie’s voice, he knew she was going to be a star!

5 – And Here’s The Young Star With Avril Lavigne

Billie Eilish and Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is yet another famous face who’s been spotted with Billie Eilish, and as you can tell from the pics above, the two musicians certainly have a good time together. According to E! News, Billie, who used to look up to Avril, is so close to the singer now that Avril even attended Billie’s super-chill 18th birthday party — and you don’t invite just anyone to your birthday!

Just like some other stars on our list, Avril will certainly be one of those friends Billie can ask for advice whenever she needs it!

4 – Noah Cyrus And Billie Eilish Definitely Have A Lot In Common

Billie Eilish and Noah Cyrus

Next on our list is Miley Cyrus’ younger sister, Noah. Noah, who is only two years older than Billie, certainly has a lot in common with the singer — but most of all, Noah is a huge fan of Billie.

Noah revealed to Billboard that Billie’s “Everything I Wanted” has made it to her favorites playlist, as the song (which is about mental health) really resonates with the star. Yes, this is definitely another duo that we would love to see collaborate, as both ladies have a very unique singing style!

3 – And Charlie XCX Likes Hanging Out With The Singer As Well

Billie Eilish and Charlie XCX

Another one of Billie’s famous friends is Charlie XCX. Out of all the celebs on our list, Charlie is the one that has probably given the boldest statement about the young singer. She said that Billie is the Kurt Cobain of this new generation. Honestly, we can’t really disagree with Charlie!

Here, you can see her hanging out with Billie at a photoshoot – both ladies looked incredibly cool. Seeing so many celebs supporting each other definitely warms our little hearts!

2 – Here Are Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Catching Up With Billie

Billie Eilish and Katy Perry

Let’s move on to singer, Katy Perry, and her fiance, Hollywood star, Orlando Bloom. As you can see, they hung out with Billie at Coachella last year, and after that, Katy posted these pics to her social media, with the caption, “we must protect Billie Eilish, beings like her don’t enter our orbit often”.

To be fair, we completely agree with Katy, because Billie certainly is a treasure — and we’re pretty sure that her music will stick around for decades!

1 – And Lastly, Here’s The Singer Running Into Her Friend Dua Lipa At The American Music Awards

Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa

To wrap our list up, we decided to go with Dua Lipa. In the photos above, you can see the two ladies posing at the 2019 American Music Awards. Once again — we’re super-happy to see that none of these new female artists look at each other as competition. Instead. they support and cheer each other on! And there you have it – Billie Eilish has plenty of famous friends and she certainly deserves every single one of them.


The American singer and Japanese artist will draw on their respective artistic perspectives and creative talents to create a new collection of T-shirts for Uniqlo.

The ready-to-wear brand announced the news on its Instagram account with a teaser for an initial model decorated with iconic Takashi Murakami motifs.

In a video lasting only a few seconds, Uniqlo unveiled the first results of its forthcoming collaboration with Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami.

Although very few details about the new collection, which is due to launch in May, have been disclosed, the Japanese brand has revealed that it will be christened the “Billie Eilish x Murakami UT,” with “UT” denoting Uniqlo’s special T-shirt collections.

The video shows a manga-style sculpture entirely dressed in white and wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “Billie Eilish” in lettering composed of iconic Takashi Murakami motifs, a strong signal that the collection will highlight the different worlds of both artists.

This is not the first time that Billie Eilish and Takashi Murakami have teamed up on a creative project. The visual artist already directed a video for the award-winning singer “You Should See Me in a Crown” in 2019.


We all know The Office is good. The popular workplace sitcom, which aired for 201 episodes, winning a Golden Globe and multiple Emmys in the process, is uproariously funny and endlessly rewatchable. It’s no wonder NBCUniversal paid $500 million for its exclusive streaming rights. Nevertheless, The Office isn’t the only show in existence either, a fact that seems to be lost on Billie Eilish, who has apparently made her way through the entire nine-season series 15 times. It’s a baffling accomplishment that even Rainn Wilson, who starred on the sitcom as Dwight Schrute, finds ridiculous. He told the pop star as much earlier this week.

This Monday, Wilson invited the 18-year-old to join him on “Hey There, Human,” a quarantine-specific Instagram Live series “about celebrating human beings and sharing a common connection” that he runs as part of his SoulPancake uplifting content-creation network. During the Live, the unlikely pair spent 20 minutes discussing a number of things, including Eilish’s new rescue puppy, how the beginning of quarantine was nice because she needed the extra time off, and how she’s been trying to create in between bouts of severe anxiety. But the highlight of their sprawling conversation came when Eilish admitted her rather…interesting quarantine TV binge habits.

“Well, I just finished watching The Office for a fifteenth time two days ago,” Eilish told the actor when asked about what she’s been doing to take care of her mental health during this particularly difficult time. Almost immediately, Wilson let out an exasperated sigh before letting off, “William, it is time to move on.” (He calls her “William” throughout.) “It is time to move on to another show. Really. Please,” he begged.

According to the five-time Grammy winner, however, such requests are much easier said than done. “I have tried, okay,” she responded. “But, you know, I can’t do anything about it. I don’t know.” Later, she even explained how painful watching the show can be, admitting, “This is the fifteenth time. Every time I hit that episode that says ‘Finale,’ I’m always like, God damnit. Fuck!


Plug in your headphones and listen to Billie Eilish in a totally new way.

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