Billie Eilish: Flash News!

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An insider began to confirm the possible collaboration between Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez.

Billie Eilish spoke about Britney Spears in a recent interview with France Inter:
“She is the coolest of all. She has been the inspiration for so many songs, styles and dances. Her presence on stage and her attitude is incredible. I love Britney! “

@NancyAjram confirms she is working on a duet with big fan @billieeilish

“Happier Than Ever” (Song) — Spotify Update:
1st week — 35,866,577
2nd week — 34,609,745
3rd week — 30,367,569
4th week — 27,207,707
29th day — 3,835,416
30th day — 3,557,875
31st day — 3,314,647
32nd day — 3,602,128
Total — 142,361,661 streams

Billie Eilish has surpassed the 90 MILLION follower mark on her Instagram.